A trusted name in die casting machines since 1981.

ZITAI combines its unique manufacturing concept and outstanding engineering capabilities to produce reliable die casting machines. Looking into the future, customers’ requirements and satisfaction will always be our utmost concern which will eventually lead to development of ever more updated products in the years to come.

ZITAI starts with a better machine design, then our manufacturing and assembly are conducted according to company’s strict quality assurance policy. Rigorous testing of all HDPC is performed prior to shipping. Expert craftsmanship and close attention to every assembly detail assures high quality machines for our customers.









The entire Zitai product line consists of models from small, high-speed machines up to large machines sized to provide castings for all applications


There are thirteen models available to provide the right choice for every need.


Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine


All Zitai machines have the same engineering and quality control and share our innovative approach to die casting machines

Control System
Hydraulic System
Safety System
Clamping System
Shot End System

Zitai offers three levels of controls on all machines. The standard is our PNC control utilizing programmed logic with a function setting system. We also offer optional controls including our Z2 Windows based microcomputer system and a Visitrak based system with HMI controls and closed loop functionality.


Our high performance hydraulic systems use commercially available brand names easily sourced for reliability and operation. All motors, pumps, solenoid and pressure valves, cylinders, filters and accumulators are designed to provide the highest level of technology and precision.


All of our machines are provided with safety systems in compliance with all applicable North American and International standards and include redundant hydraulic, mechanical and electrical interlocks to insure safe and efficient operation.


Our clamping systems are designed to provide long service and minimum maintenance and are thoroughly tested to meet and exceed our exacting standards. Systems are equipped with central lubrication systems and oiless bushings and are subjected to locking force and strain gauge analysis during assembly.


The shot ends of our machines are developed with standard digital stroke adjustment, high performance hydraulics and adjustable pressure and velocity to meet any application. We also offer an optional closed loop system in cooperation with Visitrak to insure the highest level of performance in the industry.

Automation Equipment

Staying profitable

The key to profitability in die casting is to minimize operator involvement for both production and safety. Zitai Automation systems provide the right combination of ease of setup and operation and efficiency and reliable performance.

The design of our systems is seamlessly integrated with our controls to eliminate issues with compatibility for the devices utilized. All operation and setup controls are found on our user-friendly operator interface. Connections for individual devices are provided to allow fast and trouble free connection.


Parts Extractors

Our parts extractors are available in four sizes to cover our machine range up to 1250 ton. We also offer robotics for larger sizes and special applications across the entire Zitai range. All these systems provide efficient removal of castings at high speed and accurate detection of castings.

Auto Spraying Systems

Our spraying systems are available in five sizes to cover our machine range up to 1250 ton. They include spray of lubricant as well as air blow with removable manifolding to match tooling patterns. All programming is provided by our controls systems to enable an infinite variety of spraying needs

Servo Spraying Systems

We also offer four optional servo spraying systems with both two and three axis programmability for our machine range up to 1250 tons. These high technology systems offer solutions where additional complexity of spraying patterns are required.

Auto Ladling Systems

Zitai provides auto ladling systems in three sizes to provide efficient delivery of molten metal to the shot ends of our machines with the same programmability as our other automation devices. Accurate measurement of the material is accomplished with a reliable three probe metal level system.