Furnace & Metal Handling

Our partner company Procinn, Ltd. is a Taiwan based manufacturer of furnaces developed for the die casting industry.

They manufacture melting furnaces, holding furnaces and stack melting adaptions for a range of sizes of machines and factories.

Furnaces are available with gas firing as well as electric melting. Gas fired furnaces are designed and built with North American and FM and CFA standards.

In addition to a standard range of capacities and melting rates, we can offer custom furnace designs to meet all criteria.

Additionally, we partner with our sister company, Chyan Hao to develop complete solutions for metal melting and handling for every die casting foundry application.

Our engineers can provide solutions for every situation and avoid divided responsibilities for your project.

The design of Chyan Hao metal handling systems can be adapted to operate a variety of metal handling solutions for both zinc and aluminum die casting foundries.

A traveling metal holding apparatus that can be engineered for use in both alloys and with as few as three machines and as many as nine machines on a line.

The basic system uses a PLC based control system which can be programmed to every metal delivery arrangement and changed as needed.

The metal holding apparatus can be fitted with either a ceramic ladle of varying capacities for aluminum use, or a stainless ladle for zinc use.

Once the design and material choice has been established, our engineers provide a layout for the structure to support the track and each machine furnace.

Additionally, the main holding furnace is paired to our system to provide seamless operation between the furnace and metal delivery system.

Once programmed, the system senses metal levels at each machine and delivers clean molten metal to each machine holding furnace.







The entire product line consists of models from small, high-speed machines up to large machines sized to provide castings for all applications.


There are five models available to provide the right choice for every need.


Furnace & Metal Handling Equipment