Die Cast Tooling

High Technology Mold Design

All of our tooling can be built to customer’s design and specifications or provided by the tool builder’s team of engineers. We also provide the finished tools with customer specified materials, heat treat and tolerances. All tools are sampled on duplicate die casting equipment the customer is using with the samples provided for approval prior to release.

One of the elements of our mission is to offer our customers a single vendor to provide equipment, automation and tooling for a seamless turnkey experience with the knowledge that total responsibility rests with our group.

A wide variety of applications available

Die Casting Equipment group has assembled a few select toolmakers in Taiwan to provide die casting dies, trim dies and secondary machining dies and fixtures to compliment our hot and cold chamber die casting machines.

These companies have extensive experience and use state of the art design and manufacturing equipment to provide the best quality tooling with clients all over the world including automotive first tier suppliers and internationally recognized organizations.