About Us


About us

Since 1993, we’ve been at the forefront of the North American die casting industry, importing and servicing cutting-edge solutions from Taiwan. Our offerings span hot and cold chamber die casting machines, automation equipment, tooling, trim presses, furnaces, and metal handling, all designed to elevate industry standards. With a deep understanding of die casting intricacies, we’ve consistently supported our customers with proven, profitable solutions.

The Die Casting Equipment Group comprises several Taiwan-based companies—Producer Company LTD USA, Zitai USA, Inc, Song Yun, Procinn, Inc., and Chyan Hao—united in providing and servicing top-notch equipment within North America. Our collective specializes in manufacturing a range of die casting machinery, automation equipment, trim presses, die cast tooling, furnaces, and metal handling equipment.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions to all of your die casting needs.

We send out a start up engineer from the factory for every new machine to train the production and maintenance people in the operation and function of the equipment.

Our journey began in North America over 50 years ago, crafting and distributing hot and cold chamber die casting machines. This laid the foundation for our expertise, with numerous machine sales cementing our position as industry leaders.

In 1993, an opportunity arose to collaborate with Producer Company Ltd, marking a pivotal moment in our evolution. Since then, we’ve successfully introduced hundreds of Producer machines and automation tools to the North American market, continuously elevating industry standards.

In recent years, our group has expanded its reach, establishing partnerships with Zitai Precision Machinery Co, Song Yun die cast tooling, Procinn Inc. furnaces, and Chyan Hao metal handling systems. Bolstered by a network of sales agents, technical field experts, and warehousing, we’ve solidified our commitment to supporting the die casting industry.

Our organizational ethos revolves around comprehensive support for the die casting landscape. Whether it’s a standalone contract die caster or a large captive manufacturer, we stand ready to provide tailored solutions to meet their diverse die casting needs.