Clamping force (at 90kg/cm2)ton82.5
(at 1522 PSI)
Tie Bar Diameterin2.36 x 6
Die Platen size (HxV)in20.5 x 21.6
Between tie bars (HxV)in13.38 x 13.38
Max. Die strokein8.46
Die Heightin3.14 ~ 18.11
Nozzle touch forceton5.06
Nozzle break strokein6.29
Dia. Injection cylinderin3.54
Max. Injection force (at 70kg/cm2)ton4.95
Max. Injection strokein4.92
Standard plunger tip dia.in1.96
Total net injection amount (Zn)lbs2.55
Melting pot capacity (Zn)lbs573
Nozzle position (Center lower part)in0, –2.36
Max. Casting areasq. in40.61
Casting pressurePSI3321
Intensifier pressurePSI
Ejection forceton4.18
Ejection strokein2.75
Casting cycles (Free)n/h1000
Working pressurePSI1595
Accumulator (Bladder type)Gal/pcs2.6 x 1, 5.3 x 1
Oil tank capacityGal52.8
3 Phase induction motorHP10
220/110VAC transformeramp5
Machine weightton5.3
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)Ft11.1 x 6.5 x 6.6

Elevation & Platen Layout

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P75 fit super high operation speed with 7.5kw rating motor to saves electricity.