Clamping force (at 90kg/cm2)ton363
Tie Bar Diameterin4.4 x 4,
3.93 x 2
Die Platen size (HxV)in34 x 36.2
Between tie bars (HxV)in21.2 x 21.2
Max. Die strokein15.75
Die Heightin7.87 ~ 22.44
Nozzle touch forceton11
Nozzle break strokein9.84
Dia. Injection cylinderin5.11
Max. Injection force (at 70kg/cm2)ton10.23
Max. Injection strokein7.87
Standard plunger tip dia.in2.95 / 3.14
Total net injection amount (Zn)lbs9.9 / 11.5
Melting pot capacity (Zn)lbs1543
Nozzle position (Center lower part)in0, –5.9
Max. Casting areasq. in193.9 / 221.1
Casting pressurePSI3060 / 2683
Intensifier pressurePSI1450
Ejection forceton15.18
Ejection strokein3.93
Casting cycles (Free)n/h650
Working pressurePSI1522
Accumulator (Bladder type)Gal/pcs7.9 x 2, 13.2 x 1
Oil tank capacityGal211
3 Phase induction motorHP40
220/110VAC transformeramp5
Machine weightton17
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)Ft19.1 x 6.2 x 8

Elevation & Platen Layout

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Latest model DH-P300 fit super high velocity with 30kw rating motor to saves electricity.